Equip U

Equip U exists to provide corporate discipleship that will propel our ability to interpret the Bible, understand doctrine, and apply the scripture to our daily lives.  

Classes follow a 3 month modular schedule and meet Sunday mornings from 9:15-10:15 AM at various locations on our campus.  Equip U does not meet during the months of April, August, and December.  A different selection of courses will be offered each trimester with various objectives and topics.

Fall Equip U

The Fall trimester of Equip U will run from September 4-November 24.  

  • Connections Class

    Teacher: Jeff Fennimore

    Room: L201


    If you have been a Christian for a period of time, you have probably heard words like "disciple", "discipling" and "discipleship" used in a number of different contexts; however, do you really understand them?  The command to make disciples applies to all who follow Jesus, not just to pastors and missionaries.  In the Great Commission, Jesus commanded His followers (Matt. 28:19-20), "Go, therefore and make disciples of all nations..."  Discipleship should not be so much a program in the local church that some sign up for, but rather the culture of the church, where every member aims at helping others become more like Christ.  So if you're a follower of Jesus Christ, God wants you to use your gifts to help others become more like Christ.  

  • Go Deeper Class

    Teacher: Hal Griffiths

    Room: C310

    "Can We Trust the Bible?"

    The Bible claims to be the Word of God, but most people do not believe that to be true.  Should we just accept what the Bible says about itself, or is there actual proof that we can trust the Bible?  This course will tackle several questions:

    1. Why are there so many differences in the versions and does the Bible actually contain errors?
    2. Is our Bible today the same scriptures that were originally written?
    3. What is the best version, and why?
    4. Is there proof that the resurrection of Jesus did occur?

Thrive Young Adult Ministry

Teachers: Scott and Lauralie Brock and Dave and Clara Keeports

Time: Sundays, 9:15-10:15 AM

Room: C210

Current Study: "Just Do Something" by Kevin DeYoung