Equip U

Equip U exists to provide corporate discipleship that will propel our ability to interpret the Bible, understand doctrine, and apply the scripture to our daily lives.  

Classes follow a 3 month modular schedule and meet Sunday mornings from 9:15-10:15 AM at various locations on our campus.  A different selection of courses will be offered each semester with various objectives and topics.

Equip U Classes

The spring/summer trimester of Equip U will run from May 12-July 28.  

  • Connections Class

    Teacher: Jeff Fennimore

    Room: L201

    "Faithfully Loving Your Neighbor"

     Ever wonder why people around us aren’t interested in God?  Maybe we’ve never given them a reason to be.  However, if we’re real with people, they will be real with us.  We can make Jesus relevant and real in the lives of others, not by arguing them into the kingdom, but by showing them what a Christ-follower looks like—someone who engages with the community, who thoughtfully inquires about sensitive, ultimate issues, and who encourages others by our loving presence.  There is an art to loving your neighbor as yourself.

  • Biblical Doctrine Class

    Teachers: Bryan and Sheryl Sanders

    Room: Santos Center

    "Biblical Masculinity and Femininity"

    This class will have both mixed gender and gender-specific talks throughout the semester:             

    Biblical Femininity :  Sheryl Sanders  
    This class aims to provide discipleship resources that train women to think biblically about what it means to be a woman and to follow Jesus in all areas of their lives—in all stages of their lives.  Throughout this  study, women will learn to embrace their uniqueness and live out their calling right where God has them today.

    The Quest for Authentic Manhood—Bryan Sanders
    This study will challenge men in all stages of life to reject passivity, accept responsibility, and lead courageously for the glory of God!


  • Go Deeper Class

    Teachers: Todd and Amy Mill

    Room: L205

    "Parents by Design"

    Relationships between husbands and wives, children and their parents are bursting with hot button issues.  Family has all the works of cultural crisis.  Within the fog of questions and confusion regarding the family, light can indeed cut through!  God is not distant ore removed—He is a loving Creator who speaks directly into the nooks and crannies of our everyday life!

Thrive Young Adult Ministry

Thrive Young Adult Class will begin on May 12 and will run in conjunction with the Equip U Schedule.

Teachers: Scott and Lauralie Brock and Dave and Clara Keeports

Time: Sundays, 9:15-10:15 AM

Room: C210

It is our desire and passion to inspire and equip this young adult generation to pursue life in Christ.  We would be honored for you to join us on this adventure!