• Pastor Bryan Sanders

    Pastor Bryan Sanders, our lead pastor, joined us in February, 2018, having spent the last six years as the lead pastor of Calvary Monument Bible Church in Paradise, PA.  He is joined by his wife Sheryl and their three daughters, Tori, Livy and Ava.  Pastor Sanders is not your stereotypical pastor, but we think this is one of his best features.  He has been a pastor for over 20 years, serving in roles of youth pastor, assistant pastor and lead pastor and has been gifted by God with the ability to connect with various age groups with a communication style that can best be described as "passion with content." Pastor Sanders has received his training from several institutions, earning a Bachelor of Arts from Pillsbury Baptist Bible College, a Master of Divinity from Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary and courses completed towards his Doctorate of Ministry from Westminster Theological Seminary.

    Bryan says, “I am still pinching myself since being called to Pastor such an amazing ministry like BBC. It’s humbling to consider the heritage of BBC knowing that thousands of lives have been impacted through its ministry and past leadership, and I have every intention to continue that legacy by impacting hundreds of lives every day with the hope of the Gospel. In a generation where the church is desperate for relevant change without compromise, I see BBC to be a place of hope. Our leadership is committed to leading the ministry of BBC to the perfect balance of grace and holiness by being fruitful and faithful in God’s sight. ”

  • Pastor Brian KretSchman

    Pastor Brian Kretschman, our pastor of Worship and Student Ministries, arrived in February 2018 from Thrive Ministries in Morrison, Illinois.  He is joined by his wife Caite and their three children, Brenna, Alyssa and Tanner.  Pastor Brian has an understanding of teens and how the rejuvenating impact of music inspires worshippers to desire God and live lives worthy of His glory.  He is a talented worship leader and has spent his years in ministry leading worship and working with youth and young adults.  Pastor Brian received a Bachelor of Arts in Church Leadership from The Baptist College of Florida.

    Brian says, "I am excited to join a church that is renewing its efforts to connect with and minister to the community.  I look, forward to seeing people come together and magnify the greatness of God. I hope to use my ministry to teens to establish a strong foundation of truth in their lives that will influence future generations."


Elder Council Bible Baptist Church is congregationally goverened and Elder led. The Elders embody the biblical concept of shepherd and overseer with the Lead Pastor serving as the presiding Elder. Some Elders are employed by the church as professional clergy and some are elected as non-vocational lay Elders. All Elders are appointed to give spiritual oversight to the church. Elders shall meet the qualifications set forth in 1 Timothy 3:1-7; 6:10-12; 2 Timothy 4:1-5; Titus 1:5-9; 1 Peter 5:1-3 and Acts 20:17-35.

  • Laverne Black

    Elder (Facilities Committee)

    Laverne, and his wife Shirley, live in Gardeners where Laverne owns and operates a water conditioning business. Laverne and Shirley have four grown boys, three (soon to be four) daughters-in-law, and five grandchildren. Laverne is the Audio Director and Chairman of the Facilities Committee, and Shirley volunteers in KidsClub (AWANA). They have been members at Bible Baptist Church for over 25 years. 

  • PHilip Drake

    Philip, and his wife Elisabeth, live in Harrisburg. Philip is the Director of Mt. Lou San Bible Camp. Philip and Elisabeth have three children. Philip serves as the Game Master for AWANA, Root Group Leader, Choir Director, and Worship Team Instrumentalist. Elisabeth volunteers in BBCKids and serves on the Ladies Ministry Team. 

  • Dave Dyson

    Elder (Community Classroom) 

    Dave, and his wife Jill, live in Camp Hill. Dave is a Senior Vice President at Property Management Incorperated where he has worked for 36 years. Dave and Jill have three grown daughters, three son-in-laws, and four grandchildren. Dave serves as an ABF Teacher, Root Group Leader, and ESL Instructor, and Jill serves as the Director of The Community Classroom. 

  • Hal Griffiths

    Elder (Missions Committee) 

    Hal, and his wife Linda, live in Mechanicsburg. Hal is a Bible Teacher at West Shore Christian Academy where he has served in many capacities for the last 25 years. Hal and Linda have five grown children, two son-in-laws, one daughter-in-law, and four grandchildren. Hal and Linda serve as Leaders of Thrive, our Young Adult Group. 

  • phil simmons

    Elder (Deacon Board Chairman) 

    Phil and his wife, Suzanne, live in Dillsburg. Phil is a Site Manager at Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station. Phil and Suzanne have two young adult children. Phil teaches the Upper Elementary KidsClass and Suzanne volunteers in KidsClub (AWANA). 

  • Dick stagg

    Elder (Finance Committee) 

    Dick and his wife, Linda, live in Mechanicsburg. Dick is a retired medical doctor and medical missionary - having served in Bangladesh for over a decade. Dick and Linda have three grown daughters. Both Dick and Linda serve as Root Group Leaders.

  • bob tress

    Bob and his wife, Lynette, live in Enola.  Bob has retired from a position at the Navy Depot in Mechanicsburg. Bob and Lynette have three grown sons, 2 daughters-in-law and 3 grandchildren.  Bob and Lynette both volunteer on the first impressions team and serve as Root Group leaders.


  • don stevens

    facilities manager

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  • Doug Beissel


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  • don shoemaker


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  • gordy graham


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  • Kelly stevens

    senior church Administrator

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  • daniel hinssen

    office assistant

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  • Autumn Graham

    office assistant

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ministry directors


The Deacons on our Deacon Board are godly, qualified men who assist the Elders in administering the ordinances and advancing the work of the ministry in caring and practical ways. Deacons shall meet the qualifications set forth in Acts 6:1-3 and 1 Timothy 3:8-13.

  • Jeremy Berrus - Deacon
  • Pete Cowles - Deacon (Communion, Membership)
  • Dennis Cullen - Deacon (Baptism, Finance
  • Doug Davis - Deacon (Tangible Ministries)
  • Ryan England - Deacon
  • Dan Fauth - Deacon (Benevolence)
  • Mike Feehan - Deacon
  • Fred Gartner - Deacon
  • Hans Hinssen - Deacon (Baptism) 
  • Bill Kissell - Deacon
  • Kenny Leung - Deacon (Missions Committee) 
  • Nathan Murtoff - Deacon (Benevolence, Facilities Committee) 
  • Jeff Raymond - Deacon
  • Phil Simmons - Deacon (Chairman, Communion) 
  • Dave Totman - Deacon
  • Paul Wagner - Deacon (Missions Committee)