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What is the Blessing?

Every child needs to experience something the scriptures call “the blessing.” This program can help you begin the process by imparting the kind of blessing only a parent can give.

The blessing is a powerful tool with which we communicate acceptance and genuine commitment. The word comes from the ancient practice of weighing coins on a scale to determine value. Blessing someone “adds value” to his or her life. We see in scripture the word bless or blessing used almost seven hundred times. The Bible also gives us great evidence that our God is a God of blessing.

We receive that blessing from our Heavenly Father and have the wonderful opportunity to pass it on.

5 elements recap

  • BE COMMITTED: The blessing is not a fleeting moment or mere symbolic event. It includes an active, long-term commitment to the child’s well-being by accepting responsibility to help him or her become all God intends.
  • LOVINGLY TOUCH: The power of a hug or placing your hand on your child while affirming him or her creates an important physical connection and communicates warmth, acceptance and relational health.
  • EXPRESS VALUE: Just like we add value to someone’s pocket by handing them a coin, we add to a child’s life when we use words that attach high value to them as a person.
  • SEE POTENTIAL: Parents best see a child’s natural strengths and foresee possibilities for their future. Giving the blessing includes picturing a special future and cheering them toward achieving their potential.
  • SAY IT: An effective blessing must be put into words whether spoken, written or both. Simply being present is not enough to communicate the blessing. Words of affirmation are necessary for the child to know he or she is appreciated and accepted.

giving the blesing?

WHO NEEDS IT? Everyone needs to experience unconditional love and acceptance from their parents. Those who didn’t receive it can spend later years trying to fill the void missed at home. Those who did receive the blessing have a tremendous advantage in life. An example of this dynamic is recorded in Genesis chapter 28 in the story of Jacob’s two sons.

WHO CAN GIVE IT? Anyone can give the blessing, but the most important and powerful blessing should come from parents.

WHEN SHOULD YOU START? The blessing can be given from a very young age and continue into adulthood. Begin a special focus on this step by the time a child reaches three years old.

WHEN SHOULD YOU GIVE IT? You can take advantage of special occasions and scheduled events to give the blessing in an intentional manner as well as capture informal, more spontaneous moments. You might want to start a nightly routine of blessing before bedtime or as you drop your child off at school or daycare.

Next, we’ll look at a few simple ways to start giving the blessing to your child.

tips & tools

Let’s consider a few practical ways you can begin blessing your child.

On the Go Blessings: Speak words of blessing to your child while driving to school, tucking into bed, celebrating an accomplishment or good effort, or writing a note to place in their lunch. You can also download and frame the card linked below and use a dry erase marker to fill in the You Are Great Because phrase or create your own using any of the following.

  • I was so proud of you when I saw you…
  • I think God is going to use you in the future to…
  • God has gifted you with a unique ability to…

Bedtime Blessing Prayer: Select a special scripture to pray over your child each evening such as Numbers 6:24-26 as quoted on the card linked below. Consider printing on card stock and framing the verse to keep beside your child’s bed. Lay your hand gently on your child’s arm or shoulder while praying to reassure him/her with loving touch.

appstorealtBlessing Card

Bedtime Blessing Chats: Spend a few minutes of enjoyment with your child while tucking them into bed with creative chats that conclude with a special blessing prayer. Download a few starter ideas from the link below.

appstorealtBedtime Blessing Chats

other helpful tools

Explore resources by Dr. John Trent for more ideas on how to give the blessing to your child.

Now choose what days and times you plan to bless your child and mark it on your schedule in order to turn good intentions into practice.