We have compiled a wide variety of resources just for men in various stages of life. Whether you are a single guy, just married, a seasoned father, or becoming a grandfather, we hope you will find these tools to be helpful in your faith journey. Select the tools that fit your life season and start becoming intentional about Christ-like manhood. A great place to start is with our man appraisal tool below.

Start Here

Start by committing to pursue your calling as a man. Take the appraisal by clicking the button here. You'll find this to be an easy way to evaluate yourself in any season of manhood. You might wonder what the point of an evaluation tool is, but in 1 Timothy 4:16, Paul urged Timothy to keep a close watch on himself throughout his faith journey. It was a good idea for Timothy, and it's a good idea for us as well.


What is your life-season?

If you skipped over the appraisal tool, go back and check that out first. Then come back here and select the life-season that matches where you are. We pray these resources will be helpful to you as you find yourself in different seasons of life.